The Motion of Project Twa-hoo

Yeah, that’s right—TWAHOO!

Part I: Idea Creation


  1. Underwater
  2. Electric Lightshow
  3. Art History
  4. Typography (eh)
  5. Cubism
  6. Russian Constructivism (KONSTRUCTIVISM, DA?)
  7. Haunted House (think Radical Face, not Halloween)
  8. Photography
  9. Casino Royale
  10. Full-on Hindu Guru
  11. The Great Outdoors: 1950’s-60’s campaign
  12. Day of the Dead/Sugar Skulls
  13. Typewriter
  14. French Gourmet Dining
  15. Curiosities
  16. Death Metal
  17. Blackjack
  18. Wild West
  19. Space Horror
  20. “my cats”

Part II: Moodboard

I’m screaming right now internally

My Update: An apology

Sometimes other things take precedence.

I had a lot go on in the last several weeks. I’m proud to say that I got this project done to the degree that I did, and I put myself through some crazy all nighters to jump back up “to par” with what we all are trying to do.

I won’t go into detail, but I had some major appointments and high-stress moments calling for me to not sleep for multiple days on end that came up. We all get busy in life, don’t we?

I think it’s high-time I start adjusting my priorities.

My Video Evolutions:

10 Second Render

30(ish) Second Render

Final Project

And yeah! That’s what I ended up with. I was quite happy with my ending and I’m proud to say that I got here. I hope to do great things with my next project.




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Alex Herr

Alex Herr

Graphic Designer and Graphic Design Student