Medium Post: Reactions to Whitney identity

Part I: Rebranding a Museum

So few that I’ve seen have chosen this, and I think it could be fun.

Part II: Research

Current logo for NMT… hm, NMT is kinda cool
Some social media posts to show some more variation of subject matter involved. This does not just cover railroads, but also other forms of transportation: Bus, subway, and car.
Although primarily railroad-centered, I wanted to show alternative means of transportation covered (but mainly just railroad)
Welp, this exists
Massimo Vignelli Boom! Someone made a little board of designs that I pretty much find could be appealing here, but the obvious examples would be City Hall Station and the famous Vignelli up top and on the right. Basically, the subway stuff works great here.
As one of the most important and first official logos in the world, it would be hard to not mention or utilize this for a transportation museum.
Although I’m starting to get sick of Aaron Draplin, I think that there’s notes that are similar to what we’re seeing in their designs as well. I think that incorporations of Japanese dots and dashed lines that we’re seeing here. Sans-Serif seems to work great with transportation, as well.
The Legendary Vosburg Tunnel of Tunkhannock, PA— Which just so happens to be in the front yard of my family cabin. Wild, right? It’s fun to drink a beer and watch the trains go by!
I chose to include this picture not for the stupid, cheeky people in front, but because I liked the typography in the top as well as the patterns on the wood. When I think old railroads, I think stuff like this. Living around the picture above this one, I have been around this stuff my whole life.

Part III: Logo Drafting

Part III: Digital Render

BONUS: Other Bullshit

Scott, can you help me make this a thing? I’m kinda vibing with it and I think it could be a really cool little guy to work with. (as a separate thing, of course)

Part IV: The Next Step

Again, just made the line weight on the outlined areas of overlap the same, so averaged out for consistency’s sake.
I tried different variations of how the “roads” work, but I am still vibing with the symmetry personally.

Part V: The Final Step

In color, with badda bing and badda bang
Black + White, also with badda bing and badda bang
Amtrak was my primary source of inspiration for the linear elements that the original logo uses. They unfortunately shift logos a lot apparently, so that weird windows-y one is on there too. I was looking more at the lines though, which signify much more than trains. It signifies point A-B, and shows flow.



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